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Friends, we are back again – doubly rejuvenated to bring to you the mother of all conferences in Neurocritical Care – the Annual Neurocritical Care Update 2020 presenting the NCSI 2020 -The 1st Annual Conference of the Neurocritical Care Society of India ( NCSI)

We’ve incorporated herein newer ideas and concepts which would make it the most talked about event for a long, long time.

ANCU presents NCSI 2020 is set to resolve your dilemma and provide answers to all the questions that have been intriguing your mind all along. We have incorporated newer Workshops and Hands-on sessions in addition to the Interactive sessions on interesting and controversial topics. We are looking forward to exchange of ideas from our highly esteemed National as well as International faculty from the USA, UK, Japan, Korea and Singapore.

So come along and be a part of this mega-event to transform yourself into a game-changer with our motto “Back to Basics…Eyes on the Future”!!