Best Wishes NCSI

From the President’s Desk

Hello everyone, At the outset I wish you all a very happy and healthy new year, 2020. I am happy to share the launch of Neurocritical Care Society of India (NCSI) as an official body which will represent this specialty in international forums.
Goal of this society is to start advanced courses and research in Neurocritical Care and at the same time to provide intensive training in this sub-specialty to improve outcomes in patients with life threatening neurological illnesses. Our aim is to collaborate with interdisciplinary specialties for research, training and practice advisories. We wish to bring this society to an international platform hence I request all the members to give their valuable inputs to improve its functioning, academic and research activities.
From the Secretariat

Excellence is not about being better than someone else. Excellence means to function with utmost ease and at your Best

“Striving for excellence “ is what paved way for the dawn of a new era in India with the formation of Neurocritical Care Society of India (NCSI ) . NCSI was formally approved by the ISNACC Governing council and the membership of NSCI will be provided to all practicing Neuro-Intensivists from different specialty background , Associate membership to all Physicians interested in Neurocritical care and Allied Membership to all Healthcare professional associated with Neurocritical care .Across the globe the practice of Neurocritical Care varies with physicians from different speciality background including Anesthesiology / Neurology / Critical Care Medicine/ Neurosurgery / Emergency Medicine / Pediatrics adopting as Neurointensivists through various training program

Be Unusualy Good , Surpass Ordinary Standards

MCI recognised and accredited training program has been established by central Institutions and National Board . This will mandate and pave way for trained Neurointensivists to take in-charge of the Neuro ICUs. It is our hope and desire that with these recognised degree and program most of the critically ill Neurological patients will be cared by specialised trained Neuro-Intensivist .

An unique blend of knowledge derived from Neurosciences , Critical Care Medicine and Anesthesiology transforms an intersection into a newer possibility and renders a completely newer dimension and hope to the care of critically ill Neurological patients . Experts specialised in the area of intersection, the Neuro-Intensivist pose an array of future hope .

Ponniah Vanamoorthy